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I am SEOing LiveJournal Community

LZZR London Tube
Originally uploaded by lzzr.
LZZR SEO campaign in London on behalf of LZZR.com
Coming from lzzr.com the headquater of LZZR SEO

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Yahoo Hand-crafting
Originally uploaded by lzzr.
Making sure the issue will not go away
Yahoo Hand-crafting
This is how Yahoo hancrafts SERPs. Sorry about re-posting this mut I just fear that the original might suddenly disappear from Flickr. This leak is another cock-up from Yahoo.

Coming from lzzr.com the headquater of LZZR SEO

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Recently many LiveJournal users had been shocked when instead their own LJ homepage they bumped into searchportal.information.com parking page. Some thought it was a work of an unknown malicious virus - in fact it was a completely different thing. Sometimes called DNS poisoning it was a rather common but no less dangerous DNS Hijack attack.
I spent some time researching the subject and you may find a detailed analysis of what actually happened in these three posts:

The most important thing to know is that your account security had been seriously compromised - URGENTLY CHANGE YOUR LJ ACCOUNT PASSWORD

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Today all major search engines agreed on introducing rel follow attribute aimed to counterbalance the well-known rel nofollow. I must empasize that some mistakingly call this attribute dofollow. I urge you not to use dofollow as a substitute for rel follow as it may produce completely opposite effect. Read my larger article on to avoid any confusion and get clear guidelines on using rel follow.

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I found the proof of Yahoo handcrafting - all that had been rumours until now is clearly confirmed! The screenshot says it all - they really do manual editing of search results in Yahoo. What a scandal!

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Originally uploaded by lzzr.
Getting a FLICKR test post to LJ done - should be a lot of fun!
Coming from lzzr.com the headquater of LZZR SEO

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FLICKR is a wonderful thing - did you know you can post from FLICKR direct to any (almost any) Blog of yours? I am doing a test post to LJ now
This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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Did you know your LiveJournal blog actually has an RSS Feed? Here is how to add your LiveJournal Feed to your LJ blog - the next in my line of LJ tips and Tricks.
First post to your LiveJournal as there must be entries in your Blog to populate your feed :-)
The URL for your feed which LiveJournal is not widely publicizing is something like this example of my LiveJournal Feed: http://lzzrseo.livejournal.com/data/rss/ - it is your LJ blog address plus data and rss directories. Simple!
What you do with it?
To get noticed by search engines like Yahoo, MSN or Google you need to publish this link somewhere. The most obvious place is to put it in your Free Text Component like it's done here.
You can also put up some kind of list urging your visitors to subscribe to this feed with different feedreader services:
Subscribe RSS

and more importantly you can add this to all your blogs that have feed reader block, widget or module like wordpress or blogger

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This nice little SEO trick helps improving visibility of your LJ blog with LJseek service.
LJseek is a third-party (they say it is) indexing site for LiveJournal, so it is another domain and another site altogether.
First you need to make sure your LJ blog is indexed.
When it gets indexed just find yourself there using a search that gets all your postings. If you have groups you can also search within groups for your stuff.
You will get something like this LZZR
Et voila - you have a page with clean direct links to your LJ postings! Google, Yahoo and MSN must love it!
Now what? Place this link somwhere in your Free Text Component and all around the web. (Components are LJ Widgets and you need to have these enabled of course)

PS. I thought it's too good to be true - well it is :-( Not only they don'tplace a direct link to your blog in their results but pass them through redirects, but also they plug them with NOFOLLOW !!! Greedy, greedy bstrds they are! :-) Anyway, we'll find something better soon.

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A wonderful feature I am testing right now allows posting with any messaging client that supports Jabber protocol.
Quite neat as it must support all major multi-protocol chat clients like Gaim, Gizmo etc
I am using Trillian Pro BTW :-P
Here is how you set up posing:
I assume you set up your messaging client already
You basically post to a user called LJ Bot
Send him a message with just one word HELP in it and it will answer with this
LJ Bot (Frank) (bot): To post to your journal, message me with "post: " and some text. To use a subject, do: "post: [Your Subject] Your post...."
This is all - you are done!
Works amazingly fast. Absolutely the must if you are a chatter!

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